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Property Division

Property Maintenance Services
RTC offers a range of fully insured general building and decorating services including:

To mention just some of the things we do! Please call us with your requirements.

RTC also offers specialist cabling, distribution systems, dish and aerial services, including CAT5e, DVB-S, DVB-T, audio and video.

RTC will also recommend, co-ordinate and manage other specialist contractors were needed. e.g. Damp Proofing, Gas Safe, Electrical Contractors etc.

Property Development
RTC are developing properties in the Plymouth (UK) area and are interested to find more, can you help?

How to contact us
Email Build@RTConsultants.co.uk
Mobile 07956 275 144. Outside the U.K. +44 7956 275 144.
Phone 01752 29 29 71. Outside the U.K. +44 1752 29 29 71.

Document Dated: 2020-05-27
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